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The company Magis Triton LLC was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in the small Istrian town of Trviz, near Pazin. Its primary activity is installation of swimming pool technology. In addition to mechanical installation, the company provides the services of repair and maintenance of existing swimming pool technology systems.

Our employees, guided by their professionalism and experience, ensure works are performed well and according to the rules of the profession. In addition, it bears mentioning that there is great interest in development and advancement within the company, as well as interest in improvement and automation so our systems could be made more technologically advanced.

Our team of installers and service technicians is supported by a team of highly educated people who, besides working on project development, also participate in the design of mechanical installations and provide technical support to our clients.

In addition to mechanical installations, chemical treatment of swimming pool water contributes greatly to good water quality in swimming pools. In order to ensure good chemical quality of pool water in your swimming pool, Magis Triton has been working on chemical treatment of water for a number of years and we can proudly state that, following long-term cooperation, we have become an authorised distributor and servicer for products of German company Wallace & Tiernan by Evoqua, the primary activity of which is development of systems for preservation of the world’s most fundamental natural resource: water..

Furthermore, Magis Triton has, after a long-term cooperation, in 2019 become an authorised distributor and servicer for Danish company Grundfos which in addition to being the biggest pump manufacturer in the world, provides quality solutions for chemical dosing systems and chemical treatment of sanitary hot water.


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+385 52 691 307